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BCX Crypto Exchange VS BCX Crypto Stock Exchange

This article describes the main differences between the BCX crypto exchange and the BCX crypto exchange, in order 

to simplify and facilitate the use of the BCX crypto exchange.


BCX Crypto Exchange - a platform where the user receives his digital wallets of cryptocurrencies and local currencies which he can trade in the "Exchange" option on his BCX profile. In this case, the user trades at the current price defined on the world cryptocurrency market, and the BCX platform has an intermediary role and charges a purchase commission of 4% for the purchase of cryptocurrencies and 5% for the sale of cryptocurrencies.

BCX crypto exchange depends exclusively on foreign exchanges and their cryptocurrency exchange rate movements.

Three simple steps on how to use the BCX crypto exchange can be found HERE.


BCX Crypto Stock Exchange - a platform where users can trade directly with other users and create a market of supply and demand. In particular, the user determines the quantity and price at which he wants to buy or sell cryptocurrency. It is important to note that the price and quantity offered by the user for a certain amount of cryptocurrency must match the price and quantity requested by the other party.
Purchase / sale orders are located in the "Trade" option on the BCX user profile, where all active offers / requests are also visible, which can help you to realize the desired transaction so that if the offer and demand match the transaction is automatically realizes.

There are three options for creating orders based on their duration:

1. Good Until Cancelled - until the user revokes the order himself, for a maximum of 6 months;

2. Good This Day - the account is active 24 hours after creation;

3. Custom - the user enters an arbitrarily determined date by which he wants the account to be active.


In this way, it is possible to form a domestic cryptocurrency stock market that does not depend on foreign stock exchanges.

It is important to note that commissions on the stock exchange are significantly lower than on the exchange office, ie 1% for purchase orders and 2% for sales orders.

You can find three simple steps on how to use the BCX crypto exchange HERE.



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