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About us

Balkan Crypto Exchange is a brand of company Digital Assets Management d.o.o. (LLC) which was founded as a pioneer attempt in a field of digital assets market and blockchain technology in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Due to the fact that there is no legal entity that integrally connects above mentioned techonologies with classical market, the founders decided to use big opportunity to allow the participation in the digital property market to all physical persons and legal entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the local market.

Digital Assets Management d.o.o. (LLC) is a company that was established out of need to offer quality service on the domestic market in terms of mediating both the purchase and sale of digital assets, as well as development of software and platforms based on blockchain technology and education and consulting of our clients. Employees of the company will strive to carefully and in a high quality monitor the development of technology and the digital assets market and to adequately respond to new trends in the field of technology, trade and regulations.

Balkan Crypto Exchange is the first crypto platform registered as a cryptocurrency-related service provider with the Securities Commission. You can download the certificate at this link.

Company name: Digital Asset Management LLC Banja Luka
Address: Kralja Alfonsa XIII br. 26, 78000 Banja Luka
Registration number: 11168850
Tax number: 4404319930009
Web address: www.dam.ba


Mission of Digital Assets Management d.o.o. (LLC) is to provide an efficient and secure infrastructure for connecting of supply and demand for digital assets and to use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency on the domestic market.


Our vision is that Digital Assets Management d.o.o. (LLC) becomes an efficient and modern service in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkans and a leader in the use and development of digital property markets such as blockachain technology and cryptocurrencies.

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