BCX ETH 2.0 staking - How it works?

ETH migration was successfully done on the BCX platform as well

Among the existing crypto wallets on the BCX.ba platform, there is also a savings wallet intended for Ethereum 2.0 savings. Until now, only those who owned 32 or more ETH had the opportunity to save in this way, and on our platform you have the opportunity to participate in savings even with much smaller investments.

Savings Ethereum 2.0 will allow earning up to 4% with the payment of stakes controlled and enabled directly by the official Ethereum network. Saving this way is designed and created by DAM and is under our control and the control of the ETH network.


ETH 2.0 savings wallet

You can easily and simply start saving ETH 2.0 on our platform in just a few steps. First, select "Wallets" in the menu, a page with all your wallets (for KM and all cryptocurrencies) will open.

Your ETH 2.0 savings wallet will already be available on the platform and it sits right below your regular ETH wallet.

How to start saving ETH 2.0

You can start your investment by simply clicking on the "Save ETH" option. You will then be presented with a warning that explains some of the rules for saving via the ETH network.

It is important that you read this because BCX has no control over certain aspects of ETH 2.0 savings. When you invest, BCX will credit your account with invested ETH and applicable investment rewards consistent with our Terms and Conditions of Business and Ethereum Network Rules.

When you accept these conditions, a window will open and a field in which you enter the desired amount. The minimum deposit amount is 0.01ETH.

Payout and Earn from ETH 2.0 Savings

After payment, the desired amount will be automatically added to your ETH 2.0 savings wallet.

Interest, or earnings, is calculated every 24 hours, and you can monitor your transactions and daily earnings by clicking on the "Transactions" option inside the ETH 2.0 savings wallet.

The payout of the invested funds, as we have already indicated, is controlled exclusively by the Ethereum 2.0 network and the "Withdrawal" option will be available in your savings wallet only when the official network approves it.

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