Terms of Use

1. General regulations
BCX is a trading platform in which BCX users can trade crypto property for BAM (Bosnian Convertible Mark) and other currencies. The crypt is a digital internet product where BCX is not a customer in any store. BCX does not sell or buy crypto assets - the crypto currency in exchange for any currency, but only executes and processes accounts in the user name.

2. Conditions
These Terms of Use determined the conditions under which Digital Asset Management d.o.o. (LLC) Banja Luka, a company registered in Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina and its branches (hereinafter referred to as (“DAM“) offer you the possibility to use the DAM website at https: //bcx.com/ and access the BCX Trading Platform. By opening an account at BCX, the Website User (“User“) accepts these Terms of Use and confirms that he is an adult and he is able to do business. Every User of the website, who has accepted the Terms of Use published by the website and the company Digital Asset Management d.o.o. (PLC) Banja Luka, shall receive an non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited right to use the website.

3. Rights and obligations

These Terms of Use determine the mutual rights and obligations of the parties in the mediation activities in the purchase and sale of crypto assets – the crypto currency under the User’s order in accordance with the Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorist Activities (“Official Gazette of Bоsnia and Herzegovina“, No. 47/14), the Law on Protection of Personal Data (“Official Gazette of Bоsnia and Herzegovina“, Nos. 49/06, 76/11 and 89/11) and other relevant laws.

DAM provides a mediation service for the purchase and sale of virtual (crypto) currencies and converts immediately if all conditions for its realization are met, and payments and withdrawals within 24 hours every working day for amounts up to 3000 BAM, and for amounts over 3000 BAM within 5 working days. In the event that DAM is unable to complete the transaction within the prescribed period, it will notify the User in a timely manner. In the event that DAM is unable to execute the transaction, the amount paid by the User will be refunded in full, in the currency in which the payment was made. After the execution of the transaction, the Intermediary will electronically deliver to the User a notification with the settlement of the executed transaction.

The Intermediary is authorized to calculate and charge the commission and other costs in the case of sale from the amount received from the sale of crypto assets, i.e. in the case of a purchase order, the commission will be paid from funds paid by the client for the purpose of buying crypto assets.

Some parts of this website, such as part relating to the purchase and sale of crypto assets, require the User to register. If the registration is requested, the User is obliged to provide accurate and complete identification and other data, including scanned identification document, proof of residence address, bank account, data on the ownership structure of the legal entity User, etc. The responsibility of the User is to notify the DAM of data changes. Each registration is valid only for one individual User. The User is responsible for preventing unauthorized use of his/her account.

DAM reserves the right to unilaterally deny the right of use to any User without giving reasons and to make changes to the Terms of Use without prior notification of User. DAM reserves the right to check if the User’s Bitcoin address is connected to TOR markets (black market on Dark Web) and deny the User’s right to use the website if it turns out to be the case. Also, DAM reserves the right to check if the User is on the list of persons under US, UK or EU sanctions, and to deny the User’s right to use the website if it turns out to be the case. In case of suspension or deletion of the User’s account by DAM, all previously initiated transactions will be executed or the amount paid by the User will be fully refunded. Changes to Terms of Use shall be published on the website and shall enter into force immediately upon its publication. The User is obligated not to use the website for illegal activities.

4. Limitation of liability

The User declares that he/she is aware of and complied with the Privacy Policy, the pricelist of the Intermediary, the regulations governing money laundering and financing of terrorist activities, and the fact that the execution of transaction is risk-related and that he/she is prepared to take risks of possible misuse by third parties.

DAM shall not be liable for any loss of a virtual currency due to a poor security system on the site of a particular virtual currency, the User’s negligence or the virus. The User assumes full responsibility for the security of his account in any virtual currency.

All transactions are non-refundable. After the transaction has been executed, DAM is not responsible for anything that will happen later.

DAM shall not be liable for any errors in the transaction caused by the fact that the User has been provided with an incorrect account number.

Investing in Bitcoin or similar virtual assets presents a high risk investment and it can cause financial losses. Anyone who is engaged in this or any other activity in relation to virtual assets does it at his/her own risk and individually bears financial risks arising from these activities.

Also, DAM is not responsible for the legality, proper functioning or accuracy of the website contents.

The User releases DAM from liability for all damage resulting from the use or inability to use the website. In any case, the maximum amount of damages for which the DAM can be liable for is 1,000.00 BAM.

5. Intellectual property

DAM has all exclusive intellectual property rights on the website and its associated database. Any unauthorized use of the website, including the copying of content, design or any other element of the website, will be sanctioned by criminal and misdemeanor reports under urgent procedure.

The seal “DAM“ is the intellectual property of DAM and any unauthorized use is strictly forbidden.

6. Data protection
DAM processes data on Users that are collected during the registration process in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data (“Official Gazette of Bоsnia and Herzegovina“, Nos. 49/06, 76/11 and 89/11). Customer Data is used exclusively for the purpose of mediation when buying virtual assets including Bitcoin and similar crypto currencies. The use of the website and the registration represent granting of an agreement for the User’s data processing in accordance with the Privacy Policy which is an integral part of these Terms of Use.

7. Advertising
The website may contain third party advertisements. Advertisers are responsible for the material published on the website. DAM will not be liable for the illegality, mistakes or inaccuracy of the advertiser, nor for the quality of the advertised goods or services.

8. Final regulations

Partial or total unenforceability or unlawfulness of a particular provision of these Terms of Use will not affect the validity of other provisions that remain in force as a whole.

These Terms of Use represent the entire agreement of the DAM and the User and replace all their prior agreements relating to the subject of these Terms of Use.

In order to resolve possible disputes that may arise in connection with the Terms of Use, the parties will try to settle it by mutual agreement, otherwise they will recognize the jurisdiction of the competent court in Banja Luka, applying the law of the Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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