What is BCX?

BCX.ba is the first platform in Bosnia and Herzegovina for purchase, sale, exchange, trading, storage and management of your digital assets.

BCX.ba is a full stock exchange platform that offers our clients digital wallets and enables the trading of crypts, tokens and smart contracts. Also, our platform offers the possibility of exchanging your digital assets for the official currency in BiH, BAM.


Is this legal?

BCX.ba is a project of Digital Asset Management d.o.o., registered for carrying out trade mediation and information and database management.

Cryptographic, token and smart phones are not illegal in BiH, actually digital assets are treated as any other property that has a certain value, and the custody, trade and trade thereof are treated in accordance with the existing Legislation in BiH.

By registering your user account on our platform, you enter into a contractual and regulated legal relationship with our company. Details, terms, rights and obligations regarding your relationship as a client and our company as a service provider are defined in the "Terms of Use".

Is your platform safe?

In creating the BCX.ba platform we used the most modern design and technology of web application development. In the implementation of security measures, we have been imperative to maximally protect the digital assets of our clients, which we preserve and manage through our platform.We have several levels of system protection and execution of transactions that provide unauthorized access, but the protection of the user account is the obligation of each client.

If you need more information about security measures, please contact us at info@bcx.ba.


How do you store my personal information?

As a legal entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are obliged to apply all laws, concerning our business, as well as laws that protect our customers. In this regard, your data is used exclusively in accordance with the details specified in the Privacy Policy.


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