On the occasion of the 6th BCX birthday, we have prepared LOWER FEE on the BCX exchange during the entire month of MAY:
Fee for buying cryptocurrencies for BAM: 1.5% (-62% lower fee)
Fee for selling cryptocurrencies for BAM: 2.5% (-50% lower fee)

All this is just part of our celebration and gratitude to you, our users, who have been supporting us for 6 years!
Stay tuned, because more great surprises are waiting for you soon!

Future of crypto market in BiH: The key is in education

Balkan Crypto Exchange (BCX), the first and only crypto exchange in Bosnia and Herzegovina, started operating

two years ago.

What was originally a pioneering venture of Digital Assets Management d.o.o. in the field of digital property market and blockchain technology in BiH, it has quickly grown into a community that currently has more than 1,500 users who trade and exchange cryptocurrencies through this exchange office.

Until two years ago, digital currencies in BiH could only be purchased from their owners or through direct exchange. BCX as the first blockchain platform on the BiH market enabled all individuals and legal entities in BiH to participate in digital assets, which marked the beginning of our mission to place the most interesting innovations in the field of blockchain technology on the domestic market.

The digital property market is experiencing a great expansion on a global level, and in European countries such as Switzerland, the first crypto banks are starting to provide banking services for institutional and professional crypto clients.


 What is the future of the crypto market in BiH?

"Given the general trend of digitalization, which in addition to financial transactions and digital document exchange means the digitalization of all things that we can otherwise consider assets in any form, products and services based on blockchain technologies will certainly have a great impact in the near future. Personally, I believe that very soon, in terms of technology, there will be a mass application of products and services that will enable the exchange of information, documents and assets through a transparent and secure system, and that in many spheres of life will simplify and facilitate communication, interaction and exchange of information through such a system ", said Nikola Klak founder of BCX, the first crypto exchange in BiH.

In the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the digital property market is in the process of continuous development, but there is an evident need for education and acquaintance of the general public with the ways of safe and transparent management of digital property in BiH.

In order to acquaint the public with the basics of blockchain technology, BCX has created an e-book for crypto beginners "Crypto terms from A to Z - Part I" which you can download in parts for free every month via this link: https://bit.ly/3fC5EDO


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