Corporate Account

The development of a form for legal entities is underway, which will soon be available for use by all users who want to register as a legal entity at the BCX exchange office.

You can currently register as a legal entity by sending the documents required for verification to our email address

As for the documents required for verification of your account on our platform, the following is required:
  • A copy of current excerpt from the court register or registration document;
  • Tax number (ID number) and Value added tax (VAT) number if the client is obligated to pay VAT;
  • ID card/Driving license (both sides) or Passport (one side) for authorized person/persons;
  • Decision of the director on the memorandum on creating an user account on with the specified person/persons who will use the platform (stamped and signed);
  • ID card/Driving license (both sides) or Passport (one side) for all owners of a legal entity entered in the court register who have an ownership share 20% or more;
  • In case that the owner of legal entity with over 20% ownership is other legal entity it is also requered for that legal entity to provide personal informations and documents of all owners with ownership over 20%. This also applies to all further levels of ownership, the requierment is to identify the Ultimate business owner.
Beside these documents, you will also need to verify your bank account/accounts on the platform. Bank accounts must be on your company\'s name and as proof of validity of the account you must send us bank account statement on which is clearly visible name of the bank, name and address of legal entity and transaction account number.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions.

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